List of Online Bookstores in Nigeria

Online Bookstores in Nigeria

Online Bookstores in Nigeria

As the title suggest, this article is a comprehensive list of online bookstores in Nigeria.

Of course, there are many online bookstores in Nigeria, but only few are worthy of mentioning here.

As Educational Advisors, we understand the importance of reading books to your academic pursuit and career success. That is why we have painstakingly written this article on list of online bookstores in Nigeria.

We believe everyone reading this post is an ardent reader. However, if you are reading this article but do not have a reading culture, here are some quotes for you:

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.”


“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

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List of Online Bookstores in Nigeria

In no particular order, the followings are the list of online bookstores in Nigeria. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

The is Nigeria’s leading online bookstore. The company began operations in 1992.

Presently, the bookstore has wholesale and retail operations in multiple locations. They claim their headquarters in Ibadan has the largest collection of books in Nigeria.

Their stores have an inviting book environment and a wide variety of local and international books on display.

They represent many of the world’s leading publishers in Nigeria and so they have books for all ages as well as stationery for home, school and office use.

In addition to book selling, they provide library consultancy services to institutions and they have a publishing division. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

With over 20 years of procurement and book selling experience, Havilah has grown to be a first point of call in Nigeria for any procurement services for libraries, stores and archives all over Nigeria.

A company that has great affiliations and partnerships with various international renowned companies in the area of library and archiving development, Havilah clearly understands the business of international books and library equipment procurement and supply.

They have successfully handled financially demanding projects like the ETF, World-Bank, PTF and others for institutions in Nigeria which confirms their stable financial status.

They provide competitive pricing for their books based on verifiable published prices. With them, you get accurate, efficient, and timely response, supported by detailed knowledge of the documentary requirements to ensure trouble-free delivery. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

Bookville World is a unique bookstore that caters for the needs of different types of clients, interests and age groups – in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

It is a one-stop shop where book lovers, those seeking enlightenment, and others looking for a ‘third-place’ can visit again and again.

Bookville World is owned by BookVille Integrated Resources Ltd. They sell a wide range of books covering; History, Biography, Economics, Politics, Business, Management, Science,Technology, Fiction, Children, academics, comics, stories, Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Inspirational & Motivational.

In addition, there are several other attractive items on display such as, stationery, gifts, cards, magazines, music, video etc One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

Sunshine Bookseller is a 100% Nigerian-owned online retail store selling books, eBooks, gift items, nation wide.

Based in Ibadan, Nigeria Sunshine offer over 2 million books from their database which have been categorised into a variety of subjects to make it easier for you to browse and shop.

They collect a huge variety of books for sale and constantly keep upgrading their stock to make almost any book available for their numerous customers.

Sunshine Bookseller offers Nigerian readers thousands of physical books and eBooks from a wide variety of international and local publishers.

Whether you access their site via your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone, or electronic reading device – online or offline, they have taken time to making your online shopping very easy, you can order all of your books together at one order.

All of their books are offered at discounted prices and you can ship as many books as you like to anywhere in Nigeria for as little as N2,000 per order.

They also welcome and cater for Bookstore owners, Libraries and Educational organisations in and outside Nigeria that might want to order in bulk. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

Bible Wonderland Limited (formally Life-line Investment Limited) was incorporated in Nigeria on March 20, 2005.

Job and Stella Oluyomi had a vision of providing Bibles to the masses. The main priority, giving people of all classes and statuses access to the tools that can guide their spiritual lives. 

Today, Bible Wonderland is one of the largest providers of Christian books and Church supplies across Nigeria. As the largest distributor of Thomas Nelson Bibles in the country, they are able to put Gods Word in peoples hands.

Bible Wonderland has expanded to over 10 branches in Nigeria and a subsidiary company, Bookcity Ventures. Their philosophy of distribution to the nooks and crannies of the country still remains. Whether you are rich or poor, they have something that can fit your needs. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

BookMall is an online bookstore and marketplace for books helping you find the best deals on books.

Trusted independent sellers from around Nigeria offer hundreds of books for sale through our website. Readers can find bestsellers, students can find textbooks.

Their mission is to help people find and buy any book from any bookseller in Nigeria and in process make life better. The day people become able to acquire knowledge with the least financial strain doesn’t seem far.

BookMall remains a company with a passion for books. The BookMall blog is a valuable daily source of company and book-related news. One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

CSS Bookshops Limited was established in 1869 by the Church Missionary Trust as C.M.S Bookshops, Lagos thereby becoming the oldest Company that specializes in books and related materials supply in Nigeria.

CSS Bookshops Limited has been at the forefront of books supply in Nigeria for over a century and we have actually provided the missing link in books and other educational materials supply across all levels of teaching, learning, research and development hitherto.

They leverage on their expertise, chains of bookshops and worldwide network of reputable publishers to deliver their customers’ requests timely, proficiently and professionally taking into account each customer’s specific requirement and particular needs.

The bookshops specialize in the distribution and sale of:

  •  Tertiary, secondary and primary school books for every curriculum
  •  Management and other professional books
  •  Information Communication Technology (ICT) books
  •  Library equipment – tools, furniture & fittings, shelving systems, etc
  •  e-Library – conceptualization and development
  •  Stationery items – pens, pencils, envelopes, etc
  •  Office & school equipment
  •  Laboratory equipment and installation of modern containerized laboratory
  •  Christian literatures, books, assorted Bibles including computer Bibles
  • The Bookshop is also a sole and/or major distributor to the following foreign publishers and producers:
  •  Bounty Press Limited (U.K) – Children Books, Cookery and General Titles
  •  Sterling Publishing (India)
  •  Geddes & Grosset (U.K) – Children Books, References and General Titles
  •  Bernard Babani (Publishing) Ltd
  •  Christian Focus One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria One of the Online Bookstores in Nigeria

LEXNOTES is a leading retailer of digital content and educational products in Nigeria. Recently, Schools and Libraries are experiencing rapid shift in demand from print contents to digital contents.

However, most schools and libraries especially in the developing countries, like Nigeria, have shortage of digital contents.

Therefore, LEXNOTES, a subsidiary of Lextorah Limited aims to fill this gap. LEXNOTES will provide a broad range of educational content both in digital and print formats for all libraries, schools, individuals, academic, corporate entity and government.

Please note that we are not in any way related to the aforementioned online bookstores in Nigeria. Hence, there is objectivity in our judgment.

Also, make your proper findings before you eventually choose any of the aforementioned online bookstores in Nigeria.

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